At CarelonRx, we understand the challenges that accompany complex and chronic conditions with treatment needs that reach beyond the traditional pharmacy experience. These needs often include access to specialty medications for your plan members, which are different from the types of medications they might pick up from the local drug store.

Unlike traditional prescriptions, specialty medications can be more expensive, may require special handling or storage, and have different side effects to monitor and address. As a plan sponsor, that’s where your specialty pharmacy comes in—to help create cost efficiencies and care options that transform members’ treatment experiences and lives.

A new specialty pharmacy focused on whole health

In 2023, we announced we have a new specialty pharmacy called BioPlus. Starting in 2024, and depending on employer locations, most members will transition to the new specialty pharmacy. BioPlus, which has operated for 30+ years, will offer all the same great service our members have come to expect with more features to enhance their experience—and yours, too, with the vital specialty pharmacy benefits you want to offer.

Together, CarelonRx and BioPlus provide compassionate care that’s tailored to members’ whole health, offering medication therapy management programs to help optimize pharmacy care. Other features include convenient and easy-to-use digital tools, such as:

  • Pay by text
  • 2-click prescription refills
  • Digital signatures for home medication delivery

What can you expect as we transition to BioPlus?

  1. Members affected by the specialty pharmacy change will receive a letter and a phone call to notify them. The BioPlus Care Team will call members before the transition to talk about care plans, update member information, and answer their questions.
  2. We will transfer members’ prescriptions and any related preapprovals (prior authorizations) to make sure they get their prescription on time.
  3. Members will receive an online welcome kit that explains everything they need to know to ensure they continue to get their medications fast and easy.

At CarelonRx, we’re proud to provide resources to help employers and plan sponsors connect their organizations with the benefits of member-centered pharmacy care. If you have any questions about what’s coming in 2024 for your specialty pharmacy benefit, reach out to your plan representative to learn more.

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