Our products and capabilities

Innovative pharmacy solutions 


CarelonRx pairs a strong, clinical-first lens with deep pharmacy expertise to create solutions that improve outcomes, control costs, and enhance each member’s health.

Cost management

Solutions designed to deliver affordability and value include:

Specialty drug accumulator rules

Ensure that a plan’s cost share strategy operates as intended. We prevent non-needs-based manufacturer copay assistance funds from counting toward a member’s deductible and/or out-of-pocket maximum.

Cost relief

Enable saving through a comprehensive member outreach program, coupled with key benefit design enhancements to specialty medications, for which we can help members get $0 copay assistance.

Prescription discount programs

Prescription discounts are offered for many generic and non-covered medications, including certain over the counter drugs.  Simply show member ID at an in-network retail pharmacy.

Whole-person connected care

Solutions that harness insights from both the medical and pharmacy benefit, promote a digital-first member experience, improved outcomes, and lower costs.


Rx Care Nexus

Identifies potential gaps in pharmacy care related to adherence, appropriate use, medication compliance, safety, cost savings on generics and formulary alternatives for members who are identified as at risk.


Specialty Condition Management

Focused on improving a member’s quality of life, specialty pharmacy nurses manage a holistic view of a member’s intervention history and offer advice on how to deal with specialty pharmacy therapies, their specialty condition, and any other conditions they may have.


CarelonRx Pharmacy

An enhanced, digital-first pharmacy solution, providing simple, affordable, personalized pharmacy care with convenient medication delivery to members.

Clinical insights

Products and solutions that promote the safe and effective use of medications, encourage adherence, and enhance pharmacy care.

Step therapy

Requires a trial of an alternative drug that has evidence to show a greater clinical value or the same clinical value at a lesser overall cost.

Prior authorization

Requires a clinical review to ensure there is evidence of effective and safe use.

Quantity limits and dose optimization

Requires that the quantity and dose dispensed aligns with FDA guidance and promotes improved adherence.

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