The delivery of maintenance medications — medications taken for long-term for conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or asthma — from CarelonRx Pharmacy directly to your plan members’ homes can help them make the most of their pharmacy benefits.


Take a look at some of the benefits of home delivery:


Convenience. Medications are delivered directly to plan members’ homes — or any location they choose. Plan members can manage their prescriptions, including setting up reminders and automatic refills, online or through our app.

Safety. All orders are checked by a licensed pharmacist before they ship. Discreet packaging is tamperproof, weatherproof, and temperature controlled when needed.

Peace of mind. Studies have shown that people who obtain 90-day supplies through home-delivery versus 30-day supplies picked up at a retail pharmacy are more likely to take their medication as prescribed, which helps reduce overall health care costs when that means preventing costly ER visits or hospital stays. It’s no surprise, then, that CarelonRx has found that members who moved from retail to home delivery had lower use of medical services and medical costs — resulting in $218 per member per month savings.*  

Hassle-free service. CarelonRx Pharmacy will contact a plan member’s doctor to order a new, 90-day prescription if they need one. If member approval is needed, the home delivery team will reach out to the plan member for consent before shipping the medication. Trained pharmacists can also answer plan member questions and help them 24/7 — when and where it’s convenient for them — so they don’t need to make a trip into the pharmacy to get the information they need.

Cost savings. When, based on your plan rules, a health care provider prescribes a 90-day supply of a maintenance medication, rather than three 30-day supplies, plan members may save more. Shipping is always free.


Getting started is easy for plan members on your plan website or app:


1. Log in and visit the Pharmacy page or visit the app and choose the Pharmacy tab.
2. Choose Request a New Prescription.
3. Type in the prescription to be delivered.
4. Under the name and cost of the prescription, select Request a New Prescription.
5. Fill in any blank fields, such as shipping address, payment method, and prescriber.
6. First-time requestors will need to select Continue to Medical Profile.
7. Verify any allergies or health conditions, then select Continue to Submit Order.

It’s that easy. First-time home delivery orders only take about two weeks and refills just three to five days.

You strive to provide plan members with benefits that can help them live their best lives. Encouraging them to take advantage of prescription drug home delivery is one more way to do that — saving them time at the pharmacy so they’ll have more time to do the things they love.

* CarelonRx internal analysis: retail to mail-order conversion, commercial members, 2023

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