The following is excerpted from Becker’s Payer Issues newsletter  published by Becker’s Healthcare in March, 20231. It is authored by Peter Haytaian, executive vice president at Elevance Health and president of Carelon, and Paul Marchetti, president of CarelonRx, a division within the Carelon brand and Elevance Health’s pharmacy benefit manager. 

Pharmacists are an important link to driving connection in the healthcare system. That’s why behind pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), a countless number of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the industry are connecting one-on-one with patients daily to help make higher quality, integrated healthcare possible. 

Driving connection is key, as there are about 4 billion prescriptions filled each year across the country.2

By integrating medical, behavioral, and pharmacy benefits, using holistic clinical insights, and collaborating with a patient’s care team, PBMs like CarelonRx address the challenges patients face, connecting them with the right medicine, at the right time, at the right price—for higher quality outcomes without sacrificing cost. 

In addition to addressing complex challenges and delivering value through cost savings, PBMs are critical in improving medication accessibility, health equity, and more.

When the many parts of the healthcare system work together in a patient-centered way, people can have the enhanced healthcare experience they deserve.

Read the full article published in Becker's Payer Issues, here .

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