IngenioRx changed its name to CarelonRx on January 1, 2023. This name change does not impact pharmacy benefits, coverage, or how medications are filled.

As CarelonRx, we will continue to focus on whole-person health as we harness our clinical expertise to develop solutions that lead to improved outcomes and lower overall costs.

What’s new at CarelonRx:

  • IngenioRx is now CarelonRx. (Members who use this website and our app do not need to re-register; users will be redirected.)
  • The IngenioRx mobile app is now the CarelonRx mobile app. (Members do not need to re-register.)
  • IngenioRx Home Delivery Pharmacy is now CarelonRx Pharmacy.
  • IngenioRx Specialty Pharmacy is now CarelonRx Specialty Pharmacy.

What’s not changing due to this name change:

  • The pharmacy member services numbers on members’ ID cards.
  • The address where prescription claims are sent.
  • The process of prior authorization submission or the claims process.
  • Members do not need new prescriptions for existing medications they currently take.
  • Members can continue to fill their prescriptions through our mail and specialty pharmacies or at any in-network retail pharmacy.
  • Plan sponsors and brokers can sign up here for updates on products, services, and innovations from CarelonRx.

We are happy to introduce ourselves as CarelonRx. We’re committed to putting the benefits back in pharmacy.

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